Health and Fitness Screening is becoming an important tool in the progress of both individual and group physical training. Medical cost containment and preventative health care strategies make a lot of sense. A vital part of any fitness program is knowing what kind of shape you’re in. With our state-of-the-art Fitness evaluation program you can have an assessment of your physical condition within 45 minutes.

Employee Questionnaire
Questionnaires are used to obtain the necessary background information such as lifestyle, medical history and preferences. We offer flexibility, convenience and options to employers in distributing the questionnaires; the employer can distribute them or we can mail questionnaires to employees’ homes.

On-Site Wellness Testing
We provide on-site wellness testing at the employer’s facility. A nurse and certified trainer meets with each employee to collect the questionnaire, perform on-site clinical testing and take the biometric measurements. This provides convenience and minimal disruption from work.

Personal Wellness Report
After testing, a personal and confidential medical report is given directly to each employee. Each individual will gain a better understanding of his or her health and the steps required to improve it. Each individual report includes key information detailing the assessments, tailored messages, and tips for improving health.

Employer Wellness Report
Each employer will receive an Employer Wellness Report which is an aggregate report summarizing the results of the employee population. This report can be sorted according to department and or various other demographics. These reports assist employers in targeting their wellness program to the majority in need, making wellness programming more cost-effective and reaching those that truly need it.

Comparison Reports
New England Nurses can store all data so we can offer a comparative report at the following visit. Employees can see how they have improved since their last visit. Companies can determine the priorities for the next focus of their wellness program.

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