Nite Nannies

Your Nite Nannie’s Schedule. Your Nite Nannie can arrive between 9pm and 11pm and leave between 6am and 9am. These hours can be more flexible if prearranged with our office. You may choose to have your Nite Nannie every night or select the number of nights per week or month.  There are no minimum requirements nor registration for your use of the service.

New England Nurses will do its utmost to give you the same Nannie for the entire period that you require, however if nightly assistance is requested, we will select a team of two or three nannies who will be assigned consistently through the duration of your request.

Some of our Nite Nannie responsibilities include:

  • Night feedings
  • Diaper changes
  • Fold baby laundry
  • Comfort the baby
  • Swaddle the baby
  • Prepare and sterilize bottles
  • Settle, rock and soothe the baby
  • Sanitize bottles and/or breast pump equipment
  • Dress and prepare the baby in the morning
  • Give help and advice on getting the baby into a sleep routine
  • Assist Mom with breast-feeding: latching and up keep of supply etc.

Selection and Placement. Based on the information you provide about your home, family and requests, we select the Nite Nannies best suited for your baby. These nannies are prepared to completely care for your baby so you can sleep with peace of mind.

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