Service Providers

Our extensive experience in screening, evaluation, and supervising health care providers has helped us maintain the highest standards of service delivery.

Acceptance for employment is based on knowledge of home care, previous performance, references, criminal background check and a personal interview. Candidates are required to comply with all employment regulations, which include meeting health standards, testing, completing our company orientation and universal precautions training. Once employed, all employees are insured and bonded, are covered by workers compensation and unemployment insurance, and have the option to qualify for additional benefits.

Registered Nurses provide the highest quality personal care as prescribed by your physician. They can maintain medical equipment and perform highly technical nursing tasks when stopping for a visit, or remaining with the patient for four to twelve hours at a time.

Licensed Practical Nurses provide nursing care under the supervision and coordination of an RN. They can administer medications, provide ostomy and tracheotomy care, all tube feedings, and full personal care including all nursing treatments.

Home Health Aides
Home Health Aides provide personal care, comfort measures, supervision, and companionship in a home setting. They assist with daily living skills such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and maintenance of the patient’s immediate living area.

Our experienced homemakers perform the services necessary to maintain the household, such as; meal planning, shopping, light housework, and other small personal tasks. They also provide much needed companionship.

We employ some lovely, caring individuals who are available to visit family members as needed to offer mental stimulation and friendship to promote alertness and activity. Some examples are playing cards or other games, going to lunch, the hairdresser, assisting with correspondence and keeping abreast of local or national news and events. Sometimes it is none of the above, rather just knowing someone else is present.

Other Health Care Professionals
Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapists are available for rehabilitation as frequently as needed. All of our therapists work with your physician to ensure that the plan of care is optimum for a speedy recovery from an illness or accident.

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